Brenda Fincher for Kent City Council

Brenda Fincher in Yellow suit jacketAs your Kent City Councilmember, you've seen me champion and enact policies that make daily life better for people in our city.

You've seen that I'm willing to stand up for what is right and stand behind what I say, whether on the budget, issues of housing affordability and homelessness, or putting our parks and public facilities on a path to financial stability.

You've seen me keep my commitments. I bring city hall to you, meeting you on your doorsteps, in your neighborhoods, at your businesses, and in community meetings. You've seen me do this from the very start - not just during election season.

You’ve also seen that I represent everyone in Kent and won’t let rigid ideology stand in the way of progress. My willingness to work together to do what's right is why I’ve earned the support of many leaders and our neighbors on both sides of the aisle.

I look forward to talking with you in the weeks to come about how we can continue to make Kent better together.

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